The year is almost ending but we cannot finish this year without talking about the biggest electronic music conference in Europe and maybe the world ADE.

I say this because there is nothing like it. You will see conferences, parties, panels and meetups like any other music conference but the difference is that you will interact with various amount of people doing super crazy creative stuff. From diy parties to silent experimental disco and the list go on. ADE is where you want to go and expand the electronic movement in your area by getting new creative and fresh ideas from others and your own as you develop it while being there. The fact is that ADE brings this to the table and I have a hard time finding any other music conference that does that.


The city also helps with that since Amsterdam is a place like no other full of creativity, art, and culture. If you have never been there you may find it shocking or amazing to be in. In that week the city transforms into a music hub that has pretty much every genre including outside of electronic music. Watching just the city itself its an experience but when you mix that with lots of creative minds from around the world it makes the whole thing almost magical.

Of course, we would have to talk about the parties. And there are lots of them, from very produced mainstream, underground venues with loud music to intimate record store parties. Honestly you won’t make it to all of them and you will be tired by the end of the week I would suggest picking your parties wisely and check out the artist that you really want to see because they will all mostly be there.
ADE is more than a conference, is a platform for anybody that is involved in electronic music in any way to see a different perspective, do business, get your records out there, promote parties and anything above or beyond the spectrum.
It may be a bit expensive if you’re coming from Canada (Thank you Canadian dollar) but its definitely an experience that you should save for.