The name Eternal Entropy sounds like it comes from a metal band but this Italian duo has the futuristic sounds that we use to hear in Underground resistance, Kraftwerk and others that have came before them. We recently ask them a few questions about their beginnings and of course their future.

How did you get started as a duo?

We have known each other for a long time before collaborating, basically we grew up in the same group of friends and then started to share the passion for djing, from there the first gigs in local clubs.


What drives you to produce records?

We suppose the desire to express a creativity different from that of the dj set, when you produce music you are alone, you don’t think of what could be the audience’s reaction, it is a more intimate and lasting experience.


What are your main influences?

There would be too many to mention, it goes a lot according to the moments but we don’t believe it is the sounds you listen to influence you when you produce, as much as the attitude which what you listen was composed, or so it is for us.


So far what are the best tracks you face released so far?

Our Latest EP “Sinny”

Tell us about you recently released ep?  How do you define the sound of it?

Are two tracks that express the opposite sides of the same coin, this because they were conceived at the same time. “Choodessny” has a more cheerful and engaging shot, it is an infusion of happiness and joy; “Rockerfull” is more intimate, sad and lonely we believe there is a lot of introspection in this one.


With the current situation in Europe how do you think the electronic scene will be with this pandemic?

I can tell you on an Italian level, the situation is worrying not only for electronic music but for the whole entertainment system which apparently is not recognized as a cultural value. Without immediate action, the negative consequences of this crisis will fall on the future economy of the sector. We as artists must act immediately and do everything possible to mitigate the negative consequences of the crisis, it is a priority to trigger cooperation between insiders.


What are your future plan as a DJ/Producer duo?

In the short term we will publish the video of our EP and launch our own radio show, from here on we will look for many inspirations to produce new music.


Were do you see yourselves in the next 5 to 10 years?

Beyond the personal satisfaction we hope to live in the freedom to choose


How do people reach you?