Born out of Chicago, now a vital piece of LA’s weekly nightlife scene and part of a growing global movement Soft Leather announces the launch of its namesake label; a canvas to spread the soundtrack of what makes this party so great.

While a forthcoming compilation will offer broad strokes of cutting edge electro/industrial/goth/techno that embodies a Soft Leather party in its entirety, the label’s first release Omar Doom presents Straight Razor ‘Iblis.’ is a piece of art to behold…dark, playfully painful, pure doom, open-minded. An accompanying video, directed by Doom himself, is the stuff of nightmares. Shot entirely in b&w the cryptic video is comprised of ominous scenes with a man alone on the beach shore being haunted by both death and an angelic figure.

Straight Razor is a music project by Omar Doom, known for his film work in Quentin Tarantino films including Grindhouse, Inglourious Basterds and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. However, Omar is not a newcomer to music. His first EP under the name Straight Razor was released in 2013 and he was the frontman of the now-defunct electronic rock band called Doomington, along with Stretch Armstrong.