M.F.S Observatory is an Italian duo based in London. The very young group has released an extensive amount of tracks in and out of their label making a lot of noise in the electronic scene. We recently spoke to them and ask them some questions about their career.


What does M.F.S stand for and how did you come up with the name?

Our name derives from the initials of our titles which are Mattia and Francesco while the S stands for Salvatore, who was an old member of the group.

While Observatory because on the slopes of Vesuvius there is this Observatory that looks at our beloved volcano. Vesuvius has always been a passion of ours and inspired our origins.

How did you guys meet and started producing?

We grew up in the same neighborhood, in the province of Naples in Italy, over the years we have become more and more passionate about electronic music, and slowly we have started to get excited about production too.

What influences you to make music?

We have a lot of influences from the world of music in general. We are inspired by a lot of artists lately by the music of O ‘Flynn the British producer, he is inspiring us, but our inspiring muse is always Maya Jane Coles, who with her sound always succeeds to light a lamp in us.

What made you start a label?

We decided to open our label, for the passion we have for music, at the beginning we had thoughts of concentrating the releases only on our music, but after a while, we opened the label to other artists to make the label known across the globe.

Can you speak about what type of sound you look for when you make releases?

We do not have a specific sound in our production, we try to maintain our style and our brand; we try to stay in the M.F.S: Observatory sound that is not tech-house but neither is techno.

You guys are originally from Italy but based in London. What are the main differences of the electronic scene in both countries?

In Italy the electronic music scene is not very extensive especially in the South, the emerging DJs are not considered excellent, while in London the view is entirely different, there are a lot of places where you can perform, you can really listen to any DJ in London and really the capital of music in general for us.

How do you feel your evolution as a group?

I think that our evolution as a group is in an increasing phase. We make progress every day, but the key is constant work and never abandon your dreams and always pursue them.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

We have a lot of projects in the pipeline. We have signed two EPs with the label of Luigi Rocca and Manuel De La Mare 303 lovers, one consisting of three originals tracks and another from two originals but the latter in collaboration with Oliver Knight.

We have another ep coming out soon that is in collaboration with Piem on the label of Waze & Odyssey,W&O street tracks, we are successfully carrying out a project of our music selection on Spotify through a playlist called: 2020 tech-house selection by MFS: Observatory. (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1SIiW3JwtLr13RMcCru2p2?si=4kB1_px0TRa_hNlAnpSC0A)

So you can stay connected with us.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

I hope we have achieved a good part of our goals in five years.  Above all, to finish our respective universities but also to continue our musical project and hope to sign with increasingly prestigious labels and why not start our world tour.

Where can people reach you?

People can follow us on all social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but they can find our music and also follow us on Spotify, Soundcloud or Beatport type in M.F.S: Observatory or Observatory Music for our label.

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