Clash Lion is a mix of three personalities; Shall Ocin, TERR and Daniel Watts. Three artists with different musical backgrounds merging forces to create a truly open-minded label. Starting out in 2017, a release from Maetrik set the path for the newcomers, which lead to substantial praise for their selection of artists thus far, including ANNA, TERR and Risa Taniguchi.

Their dedication to living on the edges of the scene has now found compilation form as ‘Clash Culture’ a collection of tracks which showcases the diversity of the label and the wealth of talent on its roster.

Opening this release is Shall Ocin with ‘Inflection’. An electro-tinged groover that defies classification. Surefooted kicks lead the way while rubbery bass, 80’s inspired synths and twisted vocals combine in the most-sultry way. Next, the mysterious no_Ip delivers ‘It’s Wrong’, an edgy drum workout full of sinister nuances and deliberate sparseness. An exclusive debut for Clash Lion.