You can check out the new Spins & Neddles Compilation 2 Is avaialble for Download at they Bandcamp Website. It has a mix of funk, Techno, Chill out and hip hop. The Ottawa label is always doing new things to attract more people into the Underground dance scene in The Capital of Canada. This features original tracks by D-Mass,Transmit,J-Skillz and Granja

Check out the Track List.

1.D-Mass – The Sound 03:14
2.Transmit – 1988 (B’Ugo’s Ballroom Mix) 07:34
3.J-Skilz & D-Mass – In the Crowd (Veev’s Hot Request Mix) 06:16
4.Calvin Morgan – The Vine 07:03
5.J-Skilz & D-Mass – Space Shuffle (Transmit Remix) 06:01
6.Transmit – Attack // Release 06:50
7.J-Skilz & D-Mass – Big Time (Doc Manny’s Sugar Cube Mix) 06:42
8.Granja – Squid 05:46

Download Here

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