The community of Techno is unifying for the campaign #technotogether.

The event industry is standing still. Clubs are disappearing, jobs are lost, and empty dancefloors around the globe. An entire culture is in danger of disappearing.

As soon as the companies and creative institutions do not survive this crisis, there will be no more new artists or other creatives in this scene to build up. Think of photographers, dancers, DJs, sound and light professionals, production crew, bar staff, club and event managers, and the list goes on and on.

There are still too many uncertainties and questions for an unknown amount of time.

Can festivals or clubs still take the risk next year when there is no insurance? As soon as it is allowed again, who will invest in the industry? How will this affect our culture? How will it come back after covid-19?

The initiative for this campaign comes from Awakenings: “It is time to join forces. We must make ourselves heard in the world that seems to be falling apart. Techno may not be in the clubs right now, but it lives on, and it returns. We are convinced of that. Together we are techno, and it will not take long until we are back. While the world seems to be polarizing more and more, techno is a connecting factor for many. By connecting and keeping the (techno) spirit alive, we want to make a powerful statement to our government and the rest of the world that we want to be taken seriously as an industry, standing together through tough times.

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