Adam is based between Montreal and Cairo, and his album reflects this crossroad. After his recent return to Egypt, he found himself captivated by the urban bustle of the city and the mystique of its temples. These seven tracks translate his personal exploration into sound and interpret the writings on the walls with introspective rhythms, organic moods and electro twists and turns. Producer for 7 years, Adam has made his mark on Canadian and Egyptian deep house and techno communities. He’s known for a restless musical eclecticism, astute productions, and as the founder of the collective, blog and label Husa Sounds. He keeps things emotive and trippy, from eerie grooves and ambient nostalgia to melodic techno and seductive minimal. His productions have gained support from Dixon, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Be Svendsen, Tone Depth & more. Adam has forthcoming releases on Pablo Bolivar’s 7 Villas, and Markus Shulz’s Coldharbour labels. Lost in Translation is his first album.